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Make Your Own Ornaments

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Now that it’s the holiday season, you are likely thinking about all the decorating you’ll be doing. A fun way to switch it up this year is to make your own ornaments! Whether it’s for the Christmas tree or a gift for a friend, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Additionally, homemade ornaments require a lot more thought and care than buying them, which makes for the perfect gift. Get some friends together, or involve the kids. Who knows, making your own ornaments could become a tradition for the years to come!

DIY Poured Paint Ornaments

In just 15 minutes, you will create these unique, colorful ornaments by 100 Directions! Simply choose the colors you want to use and pour the paint into a plastic cup. Then, you pour the paint onto the ornament and voila! You now have an intricately designed ornament, without excessive hours of work. The best part is, no two ornaments will be the same and the color combos are endless.

blue purple and gold painted ornament
Image from 100 Directions

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Another fun ornament to make is Melted Crayon Ornaments by One Cup at a Time. If you have children, you likely have plenty of broken and leftover crayons. Put them to use! Simply pick the color scheme you want and place pieces of them into a glass ornament. Melt the colors with a hairdryer and then you have a multi-colored masterpiece! If doing this craft with children, be sure to supervise as the glass can get hot when melting the crayons.

spotted colorful glass ornament
Image from One Cup at a Time

Nature Inspired Ornament

This unique idea for a Nature-Inspired Ornament by the Thrifty Crafter is both simple and creative. Much like a terrarium in ornament form, you can gather fake nature supplies at craft stores like Michael’s. Use your imagination to create an enchanted forest in the midst of an ornament. Gather mini pinecones, moss, tree trimmings, and whatever else you can find to create this nature-inspired ornament.

glass ball with pinecones and moss
Image from the Thrifty Crafter

Handmade Handprint Ornaments

These Handmade Handprint Ornaments by Confessions of a Homeschooler are the perfect ornaments to make with kids. Not to mention, they are absolutely adorable when complete. Simply take a clear glass ornament, paint your kids’ hand white, and use it to stamp the ornament! You will make adorable snowmen out of the handprint with permanent markers. These sweet ornaments will become a keepsake for Christmas time in the years to come.

christmas ornament on a tree
Image from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Clay Ornaments

These Clay Ornaments by The Painted Hive look so good, people will think they’re store-bought–but you can say you made them yourself! All you need is oven-bake clay, cookie cutters for the shape you want, and stamps for the lettering. You can get creative with any shape and text you want. Additionally, using stamps for the lettering is optional. Once you’ve got the shape and text, simply stamp a hole with a skewer and let them bake. Soon enough, they will be ready to hang!

white star ornaments on branch
Image from The Painted Hive

If you want to make homemade ornaments part of your holiday tradition, these ideas are a great place to start. This a fun activity for all members of the family, which also can result in great gifts.

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