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Look for These Top Apartment Amenities

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When you’re searching for a new apartment complex, the amenities are one of the top selling points. Does the community have a pool? What about a gym? If you’ve got a dog, then you may want to check and see if the apartment has a dog park, walking trails, or pet waste stations. From curbside trash service to an Olympic-size swimming pool, apartments offer a wide variety of amenities to residents.

We’ve gathered together a list of the top apartment amenities you should look for when hunting for a new place.

Resort-Style Swimming Pool

Don’t settle for any old swimming pool when you can have a resort-style swimming pool! Spend the summer months lounging by the pool, soaking in sunshine, and taking a dip when the heat gets unbearable. Pools are great for families as kids love spending the day at the pool, which is a free day of entertainment for parents. As one of the top apartment amenities, most apartment complexes have pools. But, do they have a resort-style swimming pool? Ask the leasing office, check out photos online, and visit in person to see how well the pool is maintained.

Fitness Center

As one of the top apartment amenities, fitness centers are a convenient, easy way to get your workout in.  You don’t have to pay any extra monthly fee on a gym membership when you have one right down the street. Most apartment complexes with fitness centers have a variety of gym equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, benches, and free weights. Gyms can be expensive, ranging from $10 to over $100 a month. With a fitness center at your apartment complex, you can go anytime you want with no added cost!

Movie Theatre

Movie theatres are one of the most underrated apartment amenities. Many apartment complexes have a movie theatre that you can reserve. With comfy chairs, a big screen or projector, and lighting system, movie theatres are great for a night with friends, family movie night, or when you want to have a cheap romantic date night without the cost of expensive movie tickets.

Business Center

If you are a professional who frequently needs to work from home, then a Business Center is a great amenity to have. With computers, free WiFi, and printing, business centers offer a professional workspace if you need someplace to get work done other than your apartment. Some apartment complexes even have a conference room in addition to a business center, which is awesome if you need to host a meeting.

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